Sunday, August 23, 2009

Been a while...

I've been thinking about doing something different with this blog. I don't have much desire to update on random life-happenings because that gets so old and tiring to read, at least for me. So, I'm turning this blog into a somewhat portfolio to share my various projects. And I feel like with this new focus I should have a new look. I'm thinking something more simple, white background maybe. We'll see. Anyway, new look and new content coming soon, and as a result hopefully I'll feel more inclined to update this thing.

In the meantime, here's what's new:
Meet Hindley and Miss Heather. They're the sweethearts in my life. Hindley and I have been dating since May and that's going pretty great. Miss Heather was a birthday present from Hindley's parents. She's 8.5 weeks old and the most precious little booger, chewing on everything and having difficulty grasping the whole peeing outside concept.

I've got a job working full-time at Wayne's Environmental Services, a pest, lawn care, and termite company. I work in the pest and lawn section of the company, handling customers' accounts, dealing with customers over the phone, filing, and whatnot. Doesn't have anything to do with design, but it's a great job: reliable hours, great people, free weekends, and money! I still want to do design stuff, though. I'm hoping to be at this job for the next couple years, but also get a business license and do design on the side. All I've got to figure out is what to call my business... can't think of anything that I really like...

My best friend is engaged to an incredible man and I am so so happy for them. The date isn't set yet, but they're thinking this coming spring probably. Jake's sweet mom has cancer and has been in the hospital this week, so with all those happenings the wedding isn't top priority on the to-do list. But I'm going to Marietta in a week to visit and hopefully help Jess with some planning and dress shopping.

I totalled my car on Friday morning on the way to work. Just drove straight into the stationary F-150 in front of me, going about 35-40 on a wet road. Got some serious whiplash but no fractures or anything like that. The doctor gave me some muscle relaxants but they don't seem to have any effect on me for some reason. Saturday I hurt so bad that I could barely move, but today I do feel a lot better. Dad's flying into Atlanta this week and staying through the weekend, so he and I are going car shopping while we're both there... no idea of what I want, I guess I've got to figure that out unless I want to drive a rental car forever.

So, any ideas? What car should I get? What should I call my design business? I could use some suggestions.


A Southern Wedding Belle said...

I think that you should have a name for the car too. You and H picked a great name for the dog, so I think that you'll do good with the business and the car too! I have an idea....ask Tom - he's coming up with great names I hear!!

worthamduo said...

You should call your business ILAAIMHLNB. That stands for I love Amanda And I Miss Her Like Nobody's Business. It's catchy AND honest. And I miss you too.