Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So we went to Six Flags for my birthday!  It was really really fun.  Some of the people I like best came and enjoyed the day with me, and then we went back to Marietta to spend the night before hitting the road and getting our bottoms back to Birmingham.  Here's a couple pictures of us at Six Flags.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hi! my name is- what? my name is- who? wicky wicky Slim Shady.

Felt like giving my blog a new look in hopes that it'll inspire me to update more... it's late and I really don't want to spend the energy and creative thought on creating myself a zingy new headline imagery thing right now, so that'll have to wait... maybe tomorrow.

So my sister has most lovingly tagged me for this 6-obscure-things-about-myself exercise, and so I guess I'm now obligated to participate.  The only thing is, once I sat down to write my list of quirks I realized something: I'm really not sure there's much weird about me, and thinking up SIX different unusual facts about myself might just be impossible.

Who am I kidding... ok, here goes.  6 Quirks of your Sutton Dearest:

1.  When I was little, one of my favorite things to eat with my dinner was untoasted bread spread thick with butter.  That's not weird at all, except for the fact that I would dip it in ketchup.  Buttered bread aint any good unless you dip it in ketchup.  Delicious.

2.  That last one reminded me of another pertaining to food:  mom fed me so many bananas.  She was convinced that it was the only fruit I would eat (and she was right, I really didn't much like anything else for a long time), so she served it to me with every meal.  At school, I'd open my Rainbow Bright (or was it My Little Pony...?) lunchbox and find half a banana.  EVERY dinner I'd have a little bowl of sliced banana next to my plate, and I couldn't be excused unless the banana was all gone.  This lasted my entire childhood.  Due to my over-intake, I can't stand to eat them now.  Even the smell makes me a little queazy.  My roommate also doesn't like them, and I think that's the best evidence of why we're so well matched to live together. 

3.  Regardless the disastrous mess my room frequently may be, I simply can not tolerate the contents of my drawers to be anything less than perfectly folded and stacked, organized by shirt type, etc.  Friends in the past have come over to borrow clothes, see my room turned upside down, and somehow assume I won't mind them leaving my shirts in tangled wads inside the drawers...  This probably is one of the best ways to irritate me.

4.  After reading mom's quirks, I guess I should mention the bug thing: I really don't mind bugs at all, and I find a lot of them fascinating (though I don't really want them extra close to me or crawling on me).  I love butterflies and beetles and praying mantises, and I'm usually the default roach squasher if there's not a boy nearby.  But spiders give me nightmares, and I will have an absolute fit if there is any sort of buzzing bee/jacket/wasp within 10 feet.  There was a yellow jacket in the stairwell outside my front door last week as I arrived home, and I walked around the entire building to the back entrance so I wouldn't have to get near the bee.

5.  Is it arrogant of me to say that I have always been very good at my make-up?  Well, I have.  When I was about 2-3 years old, I would get up in the morning and sit myself at my mom's vanity where I applied my make-up for the day: eyeshadow, blush, and of course mom's red lipstick.  I was very good at it, despite what you may hear from my sister on the matter.  Yes, I did apply the ice blue eye shadow very thickly and coat my entire eye lid, but I know Katie is wrong in her statement that I went all the way to my eyebrows with it.  I have always known, even then, that that was too much.  I also remember sitting in the car before BSF with mom, watching her apply her lipstick, and she always let me have a little dab before we went in.  A lady can't go anywhere without her lips on, you know.  And once, dad caught me putting mom's make-up on one of my larger sized baby dolls (she was blue eyed with long brown hair and I thought she looked just like me).  I had already made her cheeks beautiful and rosy with mom's blush and was in the middle of giving her some lipstick when dad walked in.  I don't remember him scolding me for it, probably because I immediately burst into tears when he caught me... to this day that doll still has a pretty glittery pinkness to her cheeks.

6.  I fall asleep best when there's a movie playing.  It can't be any movie, of course.  I can't watch something I haven't seen or or haven't seen in a long time, because then I'll be too interested in watching to fall asleep.  So my list of favorite 'bedtime stories' are: Peter Pan, Finding Neverland, Little Women, or Harry Potter.  My favorites are the Harry Potter movies, though.  I know them so well that within 10 minutes I'm already dead asleep.  I usually only watch movies 1, 4, and 5 to go to sleep though.  The first one's menu is silent after the movie's over, and 4 and 5 loop, so there's no obnoxious, repetitive noise to wake me up.  The third movie has a horrible audio track to the menu once the movie is over, and it just loops again and again and drives you absolutely insane.  The second movie has a terrible scene with monstrously sized spiders, and I think I've already mentioned how I feel about spiders.

Well, that's six.  I'm glad the list didn't call for more or else I'd  be sitting here forever trying to think.

As for tagging six people to do this next, I can't.  I mean, I would, except everyone I know on this blog thing has already done it... soooo, yeah.