Thursday, April 9, 2009

Airports Shmairports...

It's 8:45am and I'll be in various airports for another 7 hours.  Whoop.  No, I'm not complaining really.  How can you complain when all airports have free wifi these days?  Plus I get to visit with my family for the weekend and eat Reese's Easter Eggs.  yay for that.

Anyway, let's see.  What's new?...

I've decided to try my hand at pizza dough.  I got all the ingredients at the grocery this week, and we're crossing our fingers that it'll turn out.  Charlie apparently doesn't like the taste (or is it texture? I'm not sure of what specifically) of homemade pizza, but that's just because she hasn't had mine yet.  I've got my mother's blood in me, and her italian culinary skills are ridiculous.

I've been approached yet again to help with designing a cd, this time for my friend Christopher.  I'm pretty excited to help with this one, especially since I think Chris is giving me a little more artistic freedom than my past projects allowed.  I'm waiting on the photography from his brother, but in the meantime I'm about to start working on the font... I've got another 2 hours before my flight to Atlanta takes off, and if I watch a movie I'll probably fall back asleep.

This stupid airport doesn't have Dr Pepper. anywhere.  anywhere.  STUPID.  I'm having to resort to Coca-Cola for my morning caffeine.  Not cool.

I might have a job... but then I might not.  Who knows.  There's a store in Homewood that needs someone full-time, and I definitely am the most qualified/experienced candidate, but it's been a week and a half, and I'm impatient, even though she said she'd call between 1-2 weeks.  I'm giving it until Monday when I get back in town, and if I don't get a call then I'm going in there to see what the hold up is.  I need money, dern it.

Dr. Dog makes my toes tap and my heart happy.

Jessica is my best friend forever. But yall already knew that.

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